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The Bushido Dojo Shihan Deshi Kata Class

From 1998 until his passing in October of 2002, the late Shihan CT Patterson revived what had been a long tradition of holding his weekly two-hour Black Belt class in his small, spare and humble Honbu Dojo in Donelson, Tennessee.


For those four years, seven students gathered at the late master's home every Wednesday afternoon for two hours of training that harkened back to the earliest days of traditional Karatedo classes Shihan Patterson attended as a student during his years in Japan.


They were: Sensei Wayne Tyler, Sensei Jimmy Edwards, Sensei Michael Vanatta, Sensei Melvin Brown, Sensei Steven O'Riley, Sensei J. Buck Ford and Sensei Eric Enck.


In the Fall of 2003, at Sensei Edwards' request, the class and Mr. Patterson's seven students formally named and recognized the program as the Shihan Deshi: the students of the Master. For those seven karateka, it became a seminal moment in their many years as students and teachers of Wado Ryu.


For two years following Shihan Patterson's passing, the Shihan Deshi continued to meet every Wednesday, holding class under Sensei Tyler's instruction, driven by their memories and deep, abiding respect for the teachings of Shihan Patterson. Over time, responsibilities, schedules and different paths taken saw the seven Shihan Deshi slowly drift apart, and eventually, the class was closed.


Today, in the spirit of his memory and teachings, Sensei Jimmy Edwards continues the lessons of Mr. Patterson every Sunday evening, along with fellow Wadoka J. Buck Ford. Originally scheduled as a Black Belt Kata class, Sensei Melvin Brown formally requested that the class be re-christened as the Shihan Deshi class.


Stressing the importance, formality and practicality of Wadoryu kata, the class is held every Sunday evening from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm, and is open to all Black Belt students of Wadoryu Karatedo, regardless of affiliation.