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Wado Ryu Karatedo

Our Adult Program


Known far and wide for its austere, rigorous and spiritual approach to traditional training, Bushido's Adult Program continues to attract students from all walks of life, with especially strong attendance from veteran and newly assigned officers within the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings, in addition to Sunday evening Black Belt kata class.


Our Youth Program


Emphasizing the importance of self-discipline, honor, courtesy and respect as the true hallmarks of becoming a karateka, Bushido's Children's Program has earned accolades over decades, from parents, community organizations and Nashville Public Schools, making it one of the most successful, acclaimed programs of its kind in the region.

Training focuses on building, and reinforcing character through demanding and motivational classes. Sessions are geared towards tradition, and not contemporary conceptions of martial arts. Ben 10 won't be making an appearance on our Dojo floor anytime soon.


Bushido Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing Program


The Mixed Martial Arts and Boxing/Kickboxing Program at Bushido Dojo is based on skill sets from Royce Gracie‚Äôs G.R.A.C.I.E. Instructor Certification, Modern Army Combatives Instructor Course, and American Boxing/Kickboxing.  Students are allowed and encouraged to compete in Sport Karate Tournaments that include continuous sparring and grappling divisions as well as NAGA grappling, and adults may compete in amateur full contact MMA, Kickboxing, and Boxing when adequately prepared.  Youth may compete in Boxing.  Bushido Dojo has several successful Grappling, MMA, Boxing, and Muay Thai competitors among the staff and students.